Getting to know Whitney Smith

My secret talent is
Given the opportunity, I can complete a 1,000 piece jig-saw puzzle in less than a day.

Don’t tell anyone, but ________ always makes me cry.
The movie Homeward Bound. I watched it countless times as a kid and cried every time. A few years ago I saw it on Netflix, and figured I could watch without crying as an adult. I was wrong.

Favorite food:
That’s easy. Tacos. Hands down.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
Not necessarily met, but had an awkward/embarrassing encounter. In college, my now husband, Dakota, and I, were in Seattle for the Supercross race. We were leaving the pit area (where all the riders are staged before and after the race) and there were tons of people everywhere. I looked toward Dakota and noticed he was about to walk right into a guy, so I quickly grabbed his arm to pull him out of the way, but was too late. They bumped into each other and as they hit, I shockingly said “Oh my gosh! It’s Chad Reed!” (a long time and well known racer). I’m not one to get star struck by any means, but with the hundreds of people around, the whole situation caught me off guard. Chad immediately looked at us at the whole encounter, laughed, and mocked me in a high pitched girly voice.