Allow us to introduce you to Deschutes County


Ask anyone who lives here what they love about it, and they will tell you "the quality of life!" Deschutes County is known for its majestic mountain views, endless outdoor recreation, and most distinctively, that rare feeling of a small community with all the amenities of a big city. So many folks that come to visit end up loving it so much they make it their permanent address before they even leave.

Located in the heart of Central Oregon, between the high desert plateau to the east and the magnificent Cascade Mountain Range to the west, Deschutes County is the ideal place to call home for anyone looking for that outdoor recreational living. Highlighted by Deschutes National Forest, Sparks Lake, and Tumalo Falls, Deschutes County provides a massive playground for its residents all year long.

Deschutes County has a little something for everyone with its unparalleled scenic beauty, complemented by its various home styles. Whether you yearn for a country-style house, an American oasis, a craftsman, or an iconic bungalow, Deschutes County can offer you them all. Between this county's bustling energy and its intertwined beauty, the quality of life you have been searching for is right here in this picturesque county.