A happy life is a life in Bend


Becoming a resident in Bend is granting yourself the gift of living in one of the most popular communities. World-famous for both its outdoor recreation and exquisite beauty, while living in Bend, every day provides a new adventure. Thankfully, there is no limit to how you can spend your days in this incredible city. You can visit art exhibits on any given day, dine at any number of award-winning restaurants, or trek along the legendary Bend Ale Trail, the most extensive beer trail in the Western United States.

Best of all, Bend is teeming with family-friendly fun as well. You can get the kids together to visit some of the great cave tours in Bend’s ancient lava tubes, take the family to one of the many seasonal festivals, or watch raptors soar at the High Desert Museum.

If you are searching for a fine craftsman-style home, a California bungalow, a mountain chateau, or a single-level estate with a sprawling open floor plan, Bend has something for you. Whatever house you choose, be ready to be live there a long time. Once you come to Bend, you will not want to leave.